Marvel at our Wonders

One-of-a-kind. Awe-inspiring. Jaw-dropping. Incredible. Unique. Like no place else on earth.

World’s largest surviving electric shovel

6509 NW 60th St

Weighing in at 11 million pounds and standing 16 stories tall, Big Brutus is a giant monument commemorating SEK’s mining heritage. Capture the ultimate photo op and enjoy climbing inside and outside this one-of-a-kind roadside attraction. You’ll find souvenirs and more information on local mining history in the visitor’s center.

Open 7 days a week. (Hours vary seasonally. Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas). RV Parking available.

Admission charged.

World’s longest Yellow Brick Road

Downtown Sedan

The World’s Longest Yellow Brick Road circles the entire downtown area in Sedan and is made up of 10,650 imprinted bricks with names from all over the world. Every state in the United States and 28 foreign countries are represented. Many bricks honor veterans, as well as celebrities like Bob Hope, Boxcar Willie and Elizabeth Taylor. The town’s annual Yellow Brick Road Festival happens each Memorial Day weekend.

Outhouse Capital of the World


Staking a claim to fame on their annual outhouse decorating contest and dubbing their berg the Outhouse Capital of the World, you might think the 86 residents of Elk Falls don’t take themselves too seriously.

What they are serious about is welcoming visitors to their attractions, including their namesake waterfall and 1893 Pratt Truss bridge; the above-mentioned outhouse tour (November, Fri. & Sat. before Thanksgiving); and the finely crafted works at Elk Falls Pottery shop open year round.

The tiny town also claims to be the “World’s Largest Living Ghost Town.”

First monkey launched into space

400 Mickey Mantle Way
Ralph Mitchell Zoo

Independence’s Ralph Mitchell Zoo is the birthplace of Rhesus monkey Miss Able, one of the first animals to survive a space flight, traveling to an altitude of 300 miles at speeds in excess of 10,000 miles per hour. The successful 1959 mission helped pave the way for human space exploration and was chronicled in an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute-National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

Largest downtown square in the U.S.

Downtown Iola

Two blocks long and two blocks wide, the Iola Downtown Square is believed to be the largest, solid courthouse square in the nation. The park-like square is home to the Allen County Courthouse and a summer performance pavilion for the Iola Municipal Band, the longest running community band in Kansas, performing since 1871.

You’ll find shopping and services on the square, and you can also tour Iola on one of its bike-share bicycles or aboard the famous “Fearless Fred” trolley, named after Iola’s legendary military general Frederick Funston. Funston’s childhood home also is located on the Iola square and is accessible for tours.

The only gorilla mascot

Pittsburg State University

Officially adopted in 1925, Pittsburg State University’s Gus the Gorilla is the only U.S. collegiate mascot in the United States. Multiple versions of Gus grace the campus, as well as the lawns of proud alumni across the state. A Kansas Board of Regents college, Pitt State boasts an annual enrollment of approximately 6,500 students and offers world-class academic and athletic programs as well as satellite education services across the region.

Wild mustangs of Teter Rock

2555 300th

Homesteaders passing through the Flint Hills frequently became lost. In the late 1870’s or 1880’s, James Teter created a landmark using a pile of rocks to guide travelers. The monument lasted until the 1920’s, when they were used as building materials. In the 1950’s, a new Teter Rock Monument was erected as a memorial to Teter and his descendants.

Keep your eyes open around the hillsides below Teter Rock. A herd of mustang horses roam the area.