The value of freedom is beyond question. Our way of life stands on the courage and sacrifice of people who resolved to fight for it with every breath. Their sacrifices led to better working conditions in mines that still stand nationwide today. It mustered forces in our nation’s historic fight for human rights and dignity. The free spirit blows through our hearts continually. We live it out on the open road. Gravel biking. Hunting the woods. Fishing unrestrained waters. We won’t be held back. We’re a place For The Free.

Only in Southeast Kansas

The world’s longest Yellow Brick Road. The world’s largest surviving electric shovel. The Disc Golf and Outhouse Capitals of the World. The largest Downtown Square in the U.S. The nation’s only collegiate gorilla mascot. A dinosaur park. Twinkies. Where wild mustangs run free. And Route 66 in Kansas.

Why We Choose To Live Here

The most diverse scenes and recreation in Kansas

Between I-35 and Route 66 is the Kansas Hollywood doesn’t tell you about. This region is situated between the Flint Hills and the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, with several rivers, countless lakes, and more ecozones than anywhere else in Kansas.

Numerous communities and small college towns mean multiple festivals any given weekend

The world’s premier paramotoring and gravel cycling events. The world’s largest bean feed. America’s only Biblical Parade. KART racing. Día de los Muertos. Festa Italiana. More art, heritage and music festivals than you can imagine.

Mayhem and fried chicken wars

The Civil War’s largest cavalry engagement west of the Mississippi River. America’s first serial killer family. The Dalton Gang’s demise. The March of the Amazon Army. Jefferson Highway. Chicken Wars. Astronaut Miss Abel. The Disney-Pixar’s “Cars” connections.

Our Storytellers

Names you know. Names you should know.

Martin & Osa Johnson, Gordon Parks, William Allen White, Little House on the Prairie, The Appeal to Reason, the Little Blue Books, and students saving stories of Unsung Heroes.

Southeast Kansas in Numbers


Annual Fairs & Festivals


State Parks & Wildlife Areas




Breweries, Distilleries, Wineries & Vineyards

Why Families Love SE KS

Looking for a day trip? A quick, adventurous or quiet, weekend getaway? Or are you on a mission to throw at every disc golf course you can? Whatever you and each member of your family is passionate about, we’ve got you covered.

Latest Blog Posts

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Inter-State Fair & Rodeo

The best days of summer are coming your way at the annual Inter-State Fair & Rodeo each August.

Bourbon County Fair & Rodeo

From the signature Bourbon County Rodeo (2nd weekend in July) to the Bourbon County Fair the week after to the many other agricultural, college-related and civic events.


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